Migrant Heavy Paris Suburbs In Flames, Police Attacked

Five of Paris’ suburbs are in violent upheaval this week as heavily Muslim populations take to the streets.

Five suburbs of Paris are in flames this week as rioters take to the streets, burning and looting their way through the quaint, family friendly neighborhoods on the outskirts of the ancient city.  These neighborhoods are currently populated with one-third Muslims, leading many to believe that the violence could be related to France’s ineffective screening of Middle Eastern refugees.

“Five large areas have been reduced to no go areas for the past five nights as masked men cause mayhem on the streets.

“Now there are fears the fall out from allegations of police brutality could spread all over the country as unrest in the city grows.

“Residents have been on lockdown as armed police tried to tackle the rioters who have caused millions of pounds of damage.

“Police were hit with molotov…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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