Michael Moore v. Jan Mickelson – The Orlando Tweets (Who Is Right?)

A tale of two reactions captured by Twitter.

One, a liberal media numskull who doesn’t know when to stop tweeting. The stupid…make it stop.

The NRA is over? Michael, please lay off the crack pipe. NRA memberships will skyrocket in the near future and look for guns and ammo and new permits to carry to be flying off the shelves.

Read the tweets and make your own assessment. One man, Michael Moore, is fixated on the method of death and insanely misinformed about the weapons he speaks.

Ammo used in AR-15/M-16 is banned by Geneva Convention. It enters the body, spins & explodes. Show the crime scene photos & the NRA is over.

— Michael Moore (@MMFlint) June 15, 2016

Any guy who had shop class in high school can change a semi-automatic gun 2 fully automatic in 5min. 4 million “AR-15″/M-16 guns in US homes




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