Michael Jordan Is Still The Real MVP

Michael Jordan Is Back…And Not With New Sneakers (Image: MGN)

Michael Jordan, the famous athlete, has come forward and announced his $2 million donation to Blue Lives Matter charities. Jordan is usually a man of silence, but he came forward in a statement to The Undefeated about the recent string of cop killings.  He claims that all lives matter, not just the lives of African Americans but also the lives of the United States police force.

Athletes, celebrities, and social figures have always been the ones to step forward during a crisis. When Katrina hit, Sean Penn went to New Orleans and helped families rebuild their homes. When the giant oil spill happened a few years back, Kevin Costner funded a research project to make a machine that would clean the oil out of the water. In every major event or tragedy, the social elites have stepped forward to help.





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