Mexico to Send Cartels to America to Punish Trump?


The terrifying dissent that has spread throughout our great nation seems to have no boundaries, as one ex-government official has just suggested the unthinkable.

One ex-government official is suggesting that drug cartels should be allowed to enter America to punish Donald Trump.

President Trump has been hard at work during his first days in the Oval Office, pushing his promised policies through executive orders at a lightning pace.  Now, one of those policies has a former government official calling on the Mexican drug cartels to intervene.

“Former Secretary of Foreign Affairs Jorge Castañeda has called on Mexico to punish President Trump for his actions on deporting illegal immigrants and building a border wall by allowing criminal cartels to run drugs into the United States.

“During an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Castañeda suggested that drug cartels could be unleashed on the U.S. as retribution for Trump’s aggressive stance…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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