Merkel’s schemes have been Trumped

Merkel Seized upon Trump’s Nato dedication speech as an opportunity to progress her long-standing design for an Independent German Lead European Military Force.

The intrinsic evidence indicts German Chancellor Merkel intentionally created a crisis to take advantage of an opportunity to advance her political agenda of German domination of a militarized European Union.   

The liberal democrats endlessly chatter, regarding unsubstantial allegations that Russian President Vladimir Putin to interfere with the United States Presidential election. However, these same liberal democrats are strangely silent regarding former President Obama’s obtuse interference in foreign elections. For instance, the Obama aggressive and forceful intervention in British politics. Consider, the following:

A rising number of Britons say they are offended that the U.S. president will try to persuade them to stay in the European Union, just as a poll indicates the “Out” forces have pushed into the lead in the national vote.
“If the American…



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