Meatless Food Might be Future Says CEO of Meat Processing Giant

Today is my birthday and for years, I have told my husband that I would prefer he grill a nice thick juicy beef steak than to go out to some restaurant. Besides getting more for your dollar grilling at home, his grilled steaks are better tasting than anything I’ve ever had at a restaurant.

We visited our favorite local butcher shop and picked up some really nice looking thick steaks that will sizzle on the grill later today for my birthday. Served with a baked sweet potato and corn on the cob and you have a meal better than any restaurant’s.

Yes, I’m aware of all the current health warnings about eating too much red meat, but there’s nothing like a beef steak, beef ribs, beef pot roast, beef stew meat, teriyaki beef, crock pot beef stew or just a plain ole beef hamburger, ketchup only. Don’t get me wrong,…



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