Maxine Waters Goes Full Commie: Housing ‘Is a Necessary Human Right’

Maxine Waters is sounding more and more like Nancy Pelosi. Recently, Waters blasted HUD Secretary Ben Carson and claimed housing was a ‘right’. Since when is housing a ‘right’? I don’t remember that being in the Constitution, do you? Will somebody please remind Maxine Waters to take her medications?

There she goes again. Maxine Waters is echoing Bernie Sanders on things like healthcare, education and housing being a necessary human right. No, they aren’t. Waters is a ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee. Here’s a hint… never put socialists on that committee.

It won’t end well. She was one of several African-American Democrats on the committee who blasted HUD Secretary Ben Carson as uncaring and incompetent. Simply because he supports the Trump administration’s budget cuts.

“In the face of the immense housing needs in our country, President Trump chose Dr. Ben Carson to serve as the head of the Department



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