Marco Rubio’s Brilliant Comey Questioning Killed Bogus Trump Scandal Stories

By Onan Coca

Well I suppose gone are the days when Donald Trump was calling the Florida Senator little Marco, and the two were debating the size of their junks. Marco Rubio did a great job of questioning of James Comey and in the process killed some of those bogus stories about Pres. Trump.

While the FBI (and other intelligence agencies) should continue their investigations into what Russia may or may not have done during the 2016 campaign, every whiff of scandal surrounding the Trump administration should now be put to rest.

On Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey was more open about the past few months than he has been at any point before today. The liberal media is focusing on the fact that Comey twice called President Trump a liar, but they’re ignoring the fact that Comey was saying Trump was lying about “why” Comey was fired. On…



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