Man With Down Says ‘My Life Is Worth Living’ As Pro-Choicers Propose To ‘Kill’ Babies With Genetic Diseases [VIDEO]

Since when did the American people grant the government the right to decide when a life is not worth living? The Constitution guarantees that each individual has certain ‘inalienable rights’ that are bestowed upon him/her by our creator which can NOT be taken or given away! That includes LIFE!

According to our Constitution, life is an ‘inalienable right’ given to each individual at birth. Birth is at conception. How is it then that the government can then decide to TAKE this right away from a child conceived even if that child is born with Down syndrome?

Appearing before a Congressional Committee, Frank Stephens was able to spread the fact that his life with Down syndrome was one “worth living.” He was there to counter arguments by abortion lovers who want to reduce the number of people with Down syndrome to zero, which Stephens called a “final solution.”




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