Man Goes To Extremes To Promote His Pro-Life Message!

This man, is laying ‘naked’ on a street in South Carolina because he believes that life is so precious that it is worth it to show the world how pro-life he is!

Well.. pro-life for turkeys anyway.

But if he feels so strongly about the life of a turkey, cooked for the Thanksgiving table, he must REALLY be in favor of the unborn human in a mother’s womb…

You would think anyway. Probably not eh?

Every year, PETA stages protest around the country in November where one of the organization’s volunteers will be in the nude as part of the event.

The PETA volunteer lay down almost nude as part of a protest against Thanksgiving turkey consumption. The nude volunteer will get into a “trussed-up” pose beside two giant “turkey carcass props” on top of a cutting board that reads, “Go Vegan This Thanksgiving.”

PETA spokesperson Emily Lavender says the demonstration



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