Major Eyeroll….Feminists Design “Woman Interrupted” App

Feminists have really outdone themselves this time. The non-bright jokers have actually created an app that lets a woman know when a man interrupts her, and just how many times he does it during their conversation. “Manterupting” if you will.

Cosmopolitan jumped the bandwagon and raves the app. They said:

Manterrupting is real, and the anecdotal evidence of it (including notable examples straight from the stage of a certain presidential debate) is overwhelming. Now, there’s a way to collect the data behind the phenomenon in real time: Scheduled to coincide with International Women’s Day on Wednesday, March 7, advertising agency BETC has launched Woman Interrupted, an app that uses your phone’s microphone to analyze voice frequencies and count how many times a man’s voice cuts into a woman’s speech.

Honestly, this sounds like a hilarious, free joke app that you would download for giggles and then delete after 3 uses. However, feminists are serious…



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