MADNESS: Military Ordered To Remove Combat Patches

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On the military site Rally Point, MSG Wally Carmichael posted a comment titled,

Should we remove combat patches to be sensitive to those who don’t have them?

“(Unit Name withheld) BCT ordered to remove combat patches during training at Fort NoMatter so the ones without them don’t get ‪‎hurt feelings‬.

Reason? “The unit just returned from Afghanistan and almost everyone has a patch but the large influx of new soldiers are E1 and E2s that have never deployed and they are saying they are left out because they don’t have a patch.”

Rally Point is a forum for military folks. It calls itself, The Professional Military Network. It’s the kind of place military minded individuals like to hang out online.

This idea of taking combat patches off of soldiers coming back from combat so as to not make individuals who don’t have patches feel bad…



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