Mad Maxine Waters Shouts ‘Impeach 45’ at Awards Show, Crowd Cheers

Maxine Waters (D-CA) has been routinely labeled one of the most corrupt politicians in Congress, she’s routinely found her sanity being questioned for the things she has said, and she routinely finds herself way out of the mainstream when spouting her political opinions.

But today’s left doesn’t care about any of this.


Because Trump.

“Because Trump,” has become the answer to almost every question asked of Democrats and the media left these days. The President gets blamed for everything, even the things that his opponents are doing. This behavior has allowed Maxine Waters to reinvent herself from insane and corrupt, to a leftwing leader.

So it shouldn’t surprise us that this past week, left-leaning women’s magazine Glamour, chose to honor Waters with the “Woman of the Year Lifetime Achievement” award. (I know, it’s crazy.) One of the other honorees was pro-Sharia, anti-Semitic, anti-American Linda Sarsour.

While Waters has “reinvented” herself in



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