Lunch Lady Quits After She’s Forced To Turn Away Hungry Child

Lunchroom Employee Quits To Feed The Poor (Image: MGN)

Stacy Koltiska, a lunchroom staffer at an elementary school, resigns after school refuses food to children who can’t afford it. A new policy was passed, last fall, in the Canon-McMillan school district that refuses students hot lunches if they owe more than $25 in their lunch accounts. Koltiska’s stance against the policy has been turning heads in the community.

Kids naturally have the faces of angels. That’s what the word “cherub” implies. Imagine a young student approaching the register of his school lunch line, his face excited with anticipation for his meal. The cheerful lunchroom staffer rings up his meal to find that there isn’t enough money in his account. Her face saddens as she is forced to turn away the student. The remainder of the school day is spent contemplating his empty stomach.

That’s what happened to Stacy Koltiska, a…



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