Los Angeles Wants To Assassinate Trump

Los Angeles Wants To Assassinate Trump (Image: MGN)

Los Angeles Times writer Jamie Kirchick thinks a violent military coup is in our not too distant future. If Trump is allowed to become President, Jamie thinks, that our military will have no other choice but to revolt against the bad-bad man. Jamie, however, cannot imagine Hillary Clinton doing anything wrong if she were to become president.

Los Angeles, the city filled with 40-year old children with perfect hair and teeth. The land of dreams and imagination. The city that has given itself the nickname of “LA LA Land,” has some problems with Donald Trump.

Jamie Kirchick, a writer for the Los Angeles Times, wrote how a military coup against Donald Trump may be necessary for our future. Apparently, Turkey’s recently failed attempt at a coup ignited inspiration inside Jamie. The recent article said:

Americans viewing the recent failed coup attempt in…



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