Los Angeles Sheriffs To Begin Deploying Drones


Unmanned aerial vehicles will continue their move into the mainstream in 2017, with the L.A. sheriff’s department readying themselves to deploy drones.

Sheriffs in Los Angeles will soon be deploying drones as part of their tool kit.

After the seemingly incredulous news that Amazon would be using drone technology to deliver packages, it seems that UAV’s have been popping up in every facet of our daily lives.  Soon, that will include policing, with sheriffs in Los Angeles leading the way.

“The use or attempted use of drones by law enforcement elsewhere has come under fire from privacy and civil liberty advocates, and McDonnell and other agency officials avoided using the word ‘drone’ during a 20-minute news conference unveiling the department’s latest technological addition.

” Instead, the sheriff praised the $10,000 device as a useful tool that can give deputies a life-saving advantage in potentially deadly situations.

“’The dangers of law enforcement…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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