Loretta Lynch Nails Job Interview

Watch the above video and see Loretta Lynch squirm and jump through hoops to answer the very easy and simple questions asked by Jason Chaffetz. You’ll remember him from a week ago when he asked FBI director James Comey roughly the same questions, and he answered them just as well (badly) as Lynch.

Loretta Lynch evidently doesn’t know what the law is. Despite, as Chaffetz points out, being the government’s top lawyer and legal council. Not only does Lynch fail to comment on the guilt of Hillary, but she can’t even comment on the legal issue for anyone, despite it being against the law.

Chaffetz points out that this sets a very real and dangerous double standard that leaves thousands of service men and women unclear about where they stand in regards to classification and sharing access.

This will clearly land her a job in Clinton’s administration.

To see…



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