London Mayor Sends Nasty Message to Trump


London’s first Muslim mayor has taken a decidedly childish stance regarding Donald Trump’s first week in office with a wildly undiplomatic move.

London’s Mayor has decided to throw a temper tantrum regarding Trump’s latest immigration policy.

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, decided this week that he would be opposing Donald Trump’s official state visit to Great Britain based solely on his own, personal opinion on America’s latest national security changes.

“London Mayor Sadiq Khan – the first Muslim mayor of a major western city – has demanded Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK is cancelled.

“He told Sky News: ‘I am quite clear, this ban is cruel, this ban is shameful, while this ban is in place we should not be rolling out the red carpet for President Trump.’

“‘I don’t think he should be coming on a state visit while the ban is in place,…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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