Local Michigan Families Striking Back In Lead Poisoning Incident

The 15 families say the state Education Department, the Flint district and a countywide district already are not complying with laws intended to help disabled students. “The extensive lead poisoning in Flint has combined with the lack of essential special education resources in the Flint schools to create a tragic crisis,” attorney Gregory Little said. There is no dispute that lead affects the brain and nervous system, especially in children. No safe lead level in kids has been identified by experts.

DETROIT (AP) — Several families filed a class-action lawsuit Tuesday against the state of Michigan and the Flint school district, saying more needs to be done to help students whose academic performance and behavior have worsened because of the city’s lead-tainted water.

The school system was already struggling before Flint’s water supply was contaminated by lead over an 18-month period. The city switched to a new water source,…



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