Lilly King Makes Big Waves In Olympic Games

Lilly King won a gold medal for the United States on Monday, but it wasn’t just what she did in the pool, it’s also what she said afterwards.

Just moments after winning the gold, King made waves when asked by a reporter if she was trying to make a statement, King responded, “Yeah, I hope I did. We can compete clean and still do well at the Olympic Games and that’s how it should be.”

I don’t think Lilly King understood at the time just how important of a comment it was that she was making. King won the gold, but standing on her right at the podium was silver medalist Yulia Efimova, a Russian swimmer who has faced doping charges in the past. not to mention that every athlete in her country of Russia is suspected of state-sponsored steroid use.

The 2016 Olympic Games have quickly turned…



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