Like Hillary Clinton, Britain’s Tony Blair Will Avoid Accountability for His Crimes

It’s been a good couple of days for the global two-tiered justice system and its political beneficiaries. Just yesterday, the world gasped in horror as Hillary Clinton was given her much anticipated “get out of jail free card,” further clarifying the similarities between herself and her lawless banker patrons. As I wrote in yesterday’s piece, “What Difference Does It Make” – Thoughts on the Non-Indictment of Hillary Clinton:

Unless you’re some kind of cultist and view Hillary Clinton as your leader and savior, you cannot read the above and not be extremely concerned that this person could in very short order be elected President. Indeed, let’s focus in on that last paragraph. Comey admits that other people under similar circumstances might face consequences, but that Hillary Clinton will not. So once again, due to her position of influence and power, she will face zero accountability for her actions. What difference does it make.

It’s not just…



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