LIES, LIES, & MORE LIES! Four Pinocchios From WashPo On Hillary’s Fox News Sunday Interview

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Hillary continued doing what she does best in a recent Fox interview…she repeatedly LIED!

Lying is apparently one of her greatest skills

From Independent Journal:

Hillary Clinton didn’t tell the truth about her emails, and she’s still not telling the truth about her emails.

That is a fact made clear on national television earlier this month by FBI Director James Comey. As he put it during a press conference to announce they wouldn’t be recommending charges for the former Secretary of State, Clinton lied about:

Whether she used “one device”
Whether emails were “marked classified” when sent or received
The possibility of security breaches to her email
Whether she communicated with officials on their .gov emails
Whether State Department was careful with classified emails
Now Hillary is getting called out for another dishonest statement.
In an interview Sunday on Fox News, Clinton said:

“Director Comey said my answers were truthful, and what I’ve…



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