Lid On ‘NewsMax Now With Bill Tucker’ Tonight (October 3rd)

I’m honored to be an in-studio guest on NewsMax network’s, NewsMax Now with Bill Tucker tonight.  If you aren’t familiar with the show (you should be) NewsMax Now features TV news veteran (and great guy) Bill Tucker examining the news that matters the most, with guests joining Bill in providing expert analysis every weekday from 5PM to 6PM Eastern. If you can’t watch the entire show (I do and it’s worth it) you can look for me on the panel during the second half.

Check to see if NewsMax is on your cable or satellite system. If it’s not there you can watch Newsmax Now live-streamed on or taped later tonight, at

Make sure to watch NewsMax Now today and look for The Lid.

See you all on NewsMax Now,  later.



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