Librarian Get’s Beaten By Police For Defending The Constituion

Free Speech Defender Beaten With Martial Law Antics (Image: MGN)

Steve Woolfolk, director of public programming at the Kansas City Public Library, was arrested for trying to keep a public library public. Woolfolk was hosting a somewhat controversial event when an audience member asked a question that a plain cloth police officer didn’t like.  Woolfolk tried to intervene on behalf of the attendee and as a result was arrested and beaten, resulting in a torn MCL. Both were arrested, Woolfolk for interfering with the arrest and the attendee for trespassing, even though it was a public event in a public space. 

The greatest gift our Bill of Rights has given us is essential freedoms that cultivate free thinking and independence from an all-powerful dictatorial government. That’s what we fought for, and against, when we left Great Britain. We have the right to stand up and ask questions. We have the…



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