Liberty Links 9/2/17

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Must Reads

Time to Give Up on Identity Politics (This starts off slow, but it’s one of the best articles I’ve ever read on why identity politics is poison, Salon)

The Photos the U.S. and Saudi Arabia Don’t Want You to See (The New York Times)

How to Distinguish Between Antifa, White Supremacists, and Black Lives Matter (Really important article, The Atlantic)

What Is to Be Done? (Fantastic article by Barrett Brown, Motherboard)

Telecoms Knew About Spying Loophole for Decades, Did Nothing (The Daily Beast)

Nurse Alex Wubbels Refused (This woman is a hero, Simple Justice Blog)

I Criticized Google. It Got Me Fired. That’s How Corporate Power Works. (Barry Lynn writing in The Washington Post, support this guy)

The Hypocrisy of Antifa (Excellent piece by Jonathan Turley, The Hill)




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