Liberty Links 8/1/16

22 links today. Enjoy.

Welcome to the 2016 DNC, Sponsored by Special Interests (It’s all so dirty, this is a must read, The Nation)

U.S. Trade Rep Insists TPP is Not Dead Yet (WARNING: Obama will try to pass the TPP in the lame duck, McClatchy)

Facebook Admits It Blocked Links to Wikileaks DNC Emails (Gizmodo)

Night of the Hollow Men: Notes From the Democratic Convention (Great summary of one of the DNC nights, CounterPunch)

Clinton Camp Laughs Off Questions About Press Conference Blackout (So hilarious, The Hill)

Why Clinton Might Have A Tough Time Flipping The Sanders Holdouts (FiveThirtyEight)

Nina Turner Weighing Offer to Join Green Party Ticket as VP Candidate (This would be big,

Dem Anxiety Hangs Over Clinton (The Hill)

The VA’s Luxury Art Obsession (Reporting by Open the Books, via Forbes)

What Did NBC News’s Chelsea Clinton Do for Her $600,000 Salary? (2014 article, but important to revisit,…



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