Liberty Links 6/6/2016

22 links today. Enjoy.

The South Carolina Police Files: Gunslinging Raids, Coverups and Magical Dog Sniffs (Very disturbing, must read, Washington Post)

Appeals Court Rules Cell Tower Locations Not Protected Information (One of the most absurd court decisions I’ve ever seen, Wall Street Journal)

Free Speech is Under Attack (The Economist)

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Microsoft Back EU Hate Speech Rules (Reuters)

Snowden Tried to Tell NSA About Surveillance Concerns, Documents Reveal (Vice News)

GCHQ and NSA Routinely Spy on UK Politicians’ E-mails (ArsTechnica)

Google Plans to Replace Smartphone Passwords with Trust Scores (New Scientist)

State Department Claims it Doesn’t Know Who Ordered Video Edited (Shameless liars, The Hill)

Clinton’s IT Aide to Plead the Fifth (The Hill)

Clinton Might Not Be the Nominee (I can’t believe they’re floating the Biden trial balloon, Wall Street Journal)

Why Some of the Smartest Progressives I Know Will Vote for Trump over Hillary (Politico)

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