Liberty Links 5/24/16

23 links today. Enjoy.

Facebook Democratized the News, but New Changes Do the Opposite (Important read, New York Times)

Shaken Austrian Government Pledges Action on Asylum After Far-Right Surge (Reuters)

The Senate Killed JASTA, Then Passed It… (The “sue Saudis for terrorism” legislation was totally watered down, Just Security)

When It Comes to Losing Ugly, Bernie Has Nothing on Hillary (The New Republic)

Sanders: Voters Would See Choice Of ‘Lesser Of Two Evils’ In Trump-Clinton Election (Talking Points Memo)

Fact-Checking NPR’s Reports On Vegas ‘Violence’ at Democratic Convention (Hint: There was no violence, NPR)

Romney Should Endorse Clinton (Yes he should, so we can forever dispense with the charade, The Hill)

Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton “Trigger Happy” as She Courts Neocons (The Intercept)

Obamacare Rates Rise in New York, and So Does Political Risk (Coverage does not equal affordability, Bloomberg)

Stepson of Malaysia’s Najib Razak Bought $34 Million London House With 1MDB…



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