Liberty Links 12/24/16

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Must Reads

Goldman Sachs Ties to Scandal-Plagued 1MDB Run Deep (Pure criminality, The Wall Street Journal)

Yahoo Email Scan Shows U.S. Spy Push to Recast Constitutional Privacy (Very disturbing, Reuters)

Egyptian Police Arrest Five People for Using Children to Stage Fake ‘Aleppo’ Footage (The Independent)

Watching the Climate Science Bubbles from the Outside (Scott Adams, Dilbert Blog)

Julian Assange: “Donald? It’s a Change Anyway” (Fascinating new interview with Julian Assange, La Repubblica)

Glenn Greenwald Weighs In On Election Hacks (Great interview, YouTube)

“From Putin with Love” – a novel by the New York Times (Errata Security)

Out of Prison, Barrett Brown Recommits Himself to Agitating Against Existing Order (ShadowProof)

U.S. Politics

CIA Head: Acting Like Russia ‘Beneath’ U.S. (Such ridiculous commentary from the CIA, it’s laughable, The Hill)

A Lobbying Roadmap to Influencing Trump (Politico)

Democrats’ Long Road Back to Hope…



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