Liberty Links 12/10/17

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Top Links

CNN Error Extends Run of Journalistic Mishaps (This is why I ignore everything from corporate media on Trump/Russia, Politico)

The Cool Kid’s Philosopher (Great expose on the grotesque nature of Ben Shapiro, Current Affairs)

No, Bitcoin Won’t Boil the Oceans (Bloomberg)

Bitcoin Could Be the New Gold, Says JP Morgan (Poor Jamie, The Telegraph)

The Real Reason Yemen’s Former President Was Killed and Why the Yemen War Just Got Even Worse (Haaretz)

U.S. Politics

Sessions Spars with DOJ Interns Over Marijuana, Police Violence in Newly Leaked Video (Sessions is a sick person, The Hill)

Lobbyists Bring Holiday Cheer to Lawmakers and Congressional Staff with Glitzy Parties (The Intercept)

Foreign Affairs/WW3

The Saudi King Has a Problem: The Crown Prince (Haaretz)

Israel Launches Military Strike Inside of Syria (Times of Israel)



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