Liberty Links 11/18/17

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Top Links

Is Silicon Valley Building the Infrastructure for a Police State? (YouTube)

People for Sale in Libya: Where Lives Are Auctioned for $400 (This is devastating, CNN)

FCC Relaxes Media Ownership Rules in Contentious Vote (Just what we need, Variety)

I’ve Been Banned From Facebook For Sharing An Article About False Flags (Caitlin Johnstone, Medium)

You Are Powerful And We Are Winning (Empowering message from James Corbett, YouTube)

The Surprising Revolt at the Most Liberal College in the Country (The Atlantic)

U.S. Politics

‘The Atlantic’ Commits Malpractice, Selectively Edits To Smear WikiLeaks (Caitlin Johnstone, Medium)

Local Residents: Moore Was Known for Flirting With, Dating Teenage Girls (The Hill)

The Tiny, Passionate Group Battling Google, Facebook, and Amazon’s Grip on U.S. Minds and Wallets (Quartz)

‘Who Are They Gonna Believe, You or Me?’:



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