Liberty Links 10/22/16

Opinon/Must Reads 

The Cashless Society Is a Creepy Fantasy (Bloomberg)

Sorry Not Sorry: Politico’s Thrush Doubles Down on Podesta Emails (U.S. media is a total disgrace, The Hill)

Dangerous Idiots: How the Liberal Media Elite Failed Working-Class Americans (The Guardian)

The Slide Toward War With Russia (The Nation)

Geopolitics/Foreign Affairs

Nationalists and Populists Poised to Dominate European Balloting (Bloomberg)

We’re Not in a New Cold War – It’s Far Worse (The Real News)

The Story Changes: The Pentagon Is No Longer Sure Yemen Fired Missiles At A US Ship (Zerohedge)

Bank Didn’t Decide to Close RT Accounts in Britain on Its Own – Lavrov (Watch the interview with the union guy, RT)

London High Court Will Decide EU Exit Case ‘As Quickly as Possible’ (Reuters)

Snowden Defends WikiLeaks: ‘Censorship is Never the Answer’ (The Hill)

Syria Rebels Reject Aleppo Withdrawal After Russian Statement (Reuters)

Turkish Military Says it Killed 18…



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