Liberty Links 10/21/17

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Top Links

Censorship in the Digital Age (CounterPunch)

FBI Uncovered Russian Bribery Plot Before Obama Administration Approved Controversial Nuclear Deal with Moscow (The Hill)

FBI Informant Blocked from Telling Congress about Russia Nuclear Corruption Case, Lawyer Says (Totally crazy story, The Hill)

Former DEA Agent: Congress, Drug Industry Hindered Opioid Crackdown (The Hill)

Why Democrats Need Wall Street (The most idiotic article ever written in the english language, The New York Times)

Tucker Carlson Interviews Glenn Greenwald (YouTube)

The Deep State’s Bogus ‘Iranian Threat’ (Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity)

‘Beautiful Girls’ Scribe Scott Rosenberg On A Complicated Legacy With Harvey Weinstein (Deadline Hollywood)

Some Notes on the KRACK Attack (Errata Security)

U.S. Politics

Facebook Is Looking for Employees With National Security Clearances (Very creepy, Bloomberg)

Sessions Declines ‘Blanket’ Assurance to



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