Liberty Links 07/08/17

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Must Reads

The Hamilton Hustle (One of the best articles I’ve read in a long time, The Baffler)

This is What Plutocracy Looks Like (CounterPunch)

CNN, Doxing, And A Few Ways In Which We Are Full of Shit As A Political Culture (Popehat)

Washington Post’s Disgusting Guest List At Hamptons Party (Jimmy Dore, excellent as usual, YouTube)

Noam Chomsky Talks to Chris Hedges – Part I (The first 20 minutes on the economy are very good, YouTube)

New Holes in Loretta Lynch’s Story on the Hillary Probe (Huge deal if accurate, The New York Post)

EXCLUSIVE: Documents Expose How Hollywood Promotes War on Behalf of the Pentagon, CIA and NSA (Medium)

Vatican Rocked: Police Raid Drug-Fuelled Gay Orgy at Cardinal’s Apartment (New Zealand Herald)

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