Liberty Links 06/23/17

Must Reads

Democrats Must Become the Party of Freedom (Not holding my breath, but great article, Washington Monthly)

The Threat to Free Speech (Commentary Magazine)

YouTube Sets New Policies to Curb Extremist Videos (Very disturbing precedents are being set, The New York Times)

Poll: Voters Grow Weary of Russia Probes (Nice work Dems, The Hill)

Nancy Pelosi Tells Democratic Critics, ‘I Think I’m Worth the Trouble’ (Read if you need a good laugh, The New York Times)

The Architecture of Regime Change (National Review)

The Alt-Right Found Its Favorite Cartoonist—and Almost Ruined His Life (Wired)

U.S. Politics

Sen. Murphy (D-CT): Russia Issue Is A Distraction That Is Hurting Democrats (He gets it, YouTube)

Hillary Clinton Unique With No Post-Election Image Gain (Gallup)

Memo Shows What Major Donors Like Goldman Sachs Want From Democratic Party (From last year, but important, The Intercept)

U.S. Interrogates Detainees in Yemen Prisons Rife With Torture (Bringing…



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