Liberty Links 05/06/17

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Must Reads

Trump’s Support and Praise of Despots Is Central to the U.S. Tradition, Not a Deviation From It (Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept)

Alarm Grows in Washington as Saudi Coalition Attack on Yemen Port Appears Imminent (The Washington Post)

Exploitation and Abuse at the Chicken Plant (Despicable and infuriating, The New Yorker)

James Comey Defends Himself Against Hillary Cult Obsessives (CSPAN)

Comey Says Only Reason Assange Not ‘Apprehended Yet’: He’s Out of Reach (Not good, Common Dreams)

Feinstein Says There is No Evidence of Collusion Between Trump Associates and Russia (CNN interview clip)

American Airlines Plans to Squeeze You In Even Tighter (May as well just put passengers in the overhead compartments, Bloomberg)

Anadarko is “Saddened” by Fatal Firestone Explosion (Very disturbing, The Denver Post)

Readers Pummel New York Times Writer Over His Big Bank Stance (Wall Street on Parade)




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