Liberty Links 04/29/17

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Must Reads

Formerly Imprisoned Journalist Barrett Brown Taken Back Into Custody Before PBS Interview (A total disgrace, The Intercept)

The Media Bubble Is Worse Than You Think (Politico)

Man ‘Sentenced to Death for Atheism’ in Saudi Arabia (If the U.S. wants to bomb countries for human rights abuses…The Independent)

Saudi Arabia Elected to UN Women’s Rights Commission (Unfortunately not a joke, The Hill)

Julian Assange: The CIA director is waging war on truth-tellers like WikiLeaks (Assange op-ed in The Washington Post)

Two-Thirds of Americans Think That the Democratic Party Is Out of Touch with the Country (The Washington Post)

Google Changes Its Algorithms to Combat Fake News (Axios)

Stanley Fischer Defends the Revolving Door Between Wall Street and the Fed —Without Mentioning He’s Part of It (So incredibly shady, Business Insider)

US ‘Deep State’ Sold Out Counter-Terrorism to Keep Itself in Business (Middle East Eye)





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