Liberty Links 04/01/17

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Must Reads

Devin Nunes and the Tragedy of the Russia Inquiry (Bloomberg)

How Obama’s White House Weaponized Media Against Trump (The Hill)

The Young Turks Really, Really Don’t Want You to Compare Them to Breitbart (TYT have made some great hires lately, Mother Jones)

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley Doubled Down on Threats to Punish Criticism of Israel (Nikki Haley is a total lunatic, The Intercept)

Women and People of Color Make up the Majority of the Trump Coalition (Matt Bruenig, Medium)

Racket of Rackets (James Howard Kunstler on the Healthcare industry)

U.S. Politics

Poll: 6 in 10 Americans Think Traditional News Outlets Report Fake News (Politico)

In Twitter Attack on New York Times, Trump Floats Changing Libel Laws (Trump needs to shut up about libel laws already, Politico)

Wasserman Schultz to Sanders: ‘We Are Already A Grassroots Party’ (What a…



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