Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson Polls Ahead of Hillary Clinton Amongst Independents

The Libertarian Party has seen a sustained surge of new members joining, with first-time registrants in May on pace to increase 20-fold over the same period from last year. New data obtained by The Hill shows that the Libertarian National Committee averaged around 100 new members a month last year, bottoming out with just 74 first-time registrants last May.

But beginning in early 2016, as the contours of the Republican and Democratic races began took shape, new membership began creeping upward to 148 in January, 323 in February, 546 in March, 706 in April, and now 1,292 in the first three weeks of May alone.

– From the post: May Registrations for the Libertarian Party Jump 20-Fold

I’m 38 years old and I haven’t had a decent choice for President from the two major political parties my entire life. In fact, it keeps getting worse and worse, particularly when it comes to civil…



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