Liberals Willfully Create a False Image Of Christians

Have folks been shaming you for being Christian?

Pointing out slavery and the crusades and the inquisition?  Well, keep the following list handy.

How about we discuss more recent Christian behavior ?

A list of Christian folks’ acts of virtue toward others:

Largely Christian folks founded AMERICA, which WAS the worlds’ most equally righted and individual-protective nation. Largely Christian early settlers were persecuted in THEIR home states – that’s why they left. Ben Franklin led an early movement of Christians to end slavery soon after the Constitution passed. Slavery was not acceptable by a majority of whites. And blacks served in the revolutionary army. White Christians were made slaves on British ships in the war of 1812 – whites have been in slavery. Largely Christian majorities PASSED the Civil Rights Act – not black majorities. And the CRA is hailed as an icon BY BLACK PEOPLE!! Largely Christian folks initiated…



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