Liberals Protest As Arizona Enforces Immigration Law


America’s liberal snowflakes are working overtime to undermine law and order in our great nation, as evidenced by the latest protests in Arizona.

Liberal protesters in Arizona are fighting against our current immigration laws in an unprecedentedly poor display of common sense.

As a federal judge has lashed out against President Trump’s necessary emergency travel ban, many in the leftist communities of the nation believe that ruling to nullify all other immigration laws on the books.  Certainly, this is not the actual case at all, and now those same bleeding heart liberals are protesting the deportation of an illegal immigrant.

“For  four years, federal immigration authorities have given Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos a pass to remain in the U.S. rather than deport her back to Mexico.

“That changed Wednesday, when Garcia de Rayos went to check in as usual at the central Phoenix offices of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Instead of…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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