Liberals Are Furious With Republicans And The Hypocrisy Made Us Laugh Out Loud

Taxes have been slashed for businesses and income across the board, a move that has seemingly begun to regrow our near-collapsing economy (and of course lefties want to say it’s thanks to Obama, we know better…). This move is eerily similar to one former-President Barack Obama tried to put into play and even then it was backed by many Democrats.

It’s now facing criticism… at the hands of the Democrats.

It’s another “case in point” where the Democrats show their true colors. It’s not about WE THE PEOPLE for them, no. It’ about being as Anti-Trump as they can be.

As Written and Reported By Robert Donachie for the Daily Caller:

Democrats have long championed running budget deficits and ramping government spending to kickstart the economy. Now that Republicans are doing just that, Democrats aren’t so sure.

For years, the prevailing Democratic talking point was that expansionary fiscal policy —



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