Liberal Wackos Blame Russian Ambassador Death On…

Vitaly Churkin, right, died of an apparent heart attack this week, but the liberal media is hellbent on insinuating something sinister.

Now, the tragic death of one Russian ambassador to the United Nations has the left’s “news” outlets in an uproar, with some going as far as to suggest that there is no way that the heart attack that took the life of Vitaly Churkin was a naturally occurring tragedy.

This is just one ridiculous assertion regarding the death of Churkin, with a great deal of keyboard warrior super-sleuths coming out of the woodwork to declare his death nothing short of an international conspiracy linked to the highest levels of the U.S. government.

Never mind that there is literally zero evidence of any wrongdoing, foul play, or suspicious circumstances.  This liberally-proofed, hare-brained idea is literally nothing more than the leftist fringes of the old, tired media attempting to drum up ratings and page views.

Andrew West

Andrew West

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