Liberal Violence (and Threats of Violence) Are Becoming Commonplace: A Non-Exhaustive List of Examples

There is an email currently circulating around that contains a LONG list of examples of liberal violence from the last few months. We’re not just talking about a liberal getting into a bar fight, we’re talking about liberals using violence for political purposes. It’s a specific kind of violence, a violence meant to force their political opponents to cower in fear and silence.

It makes the liberal concerns about the attack on conservatives this past Wednesday ring hollow. The truth is that liberal cultural leaders have been all too happy to use violent rhetoric and powerfully aggressive commentary to decry conservatives. They’ve called us evil, fascists, Nazis, racists, hatemongers, etc… how do they expect their followers to respond? If we truly are these evil, hateful things, why wouldn’t violence to stop us from “destroying the planet,” be an acceptable response?

Here are a few examples of the…



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