Liberal Rioters Mar Peaceful Transfer of Power in D.C.


As they had promised earlier in the month, a radical sect of liberal domestic terrorists ran rampant in the streets of Washington D.C. yesterday.

Protests turned violent in D.C. yesterday, as intolerant liberal anarchists began trashing local businesses.

The anarchists of the group known as DisruptJ20 spent much of their afternoon unilaterally smashing windows, lighting fires, destroying vehicles, and threatening the lives and livelihoods many D.C. families.  Their brazen acts have given the entire inauguration a black eye, and have completely undermined the left’s ability to be taken seriously.

“The Anti-Capitalist Anti-Fascist Bloc’s DisruptJ20 Inauguration protest turned violent Friday morning as protestors gathered at Logan Circle in D.C. and marched down 13th Street.

“Footage shot by MRC Culture and shows protestors vandalizing local businesses, destroying a limousine with hammers, spray-painting on walls and windows, smashing kiosks, and chanting ‘no cops, no borders, fight law and order.’

“Local store owners huddled…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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