Liberal Oscars Build Their Own Wall to Keep Ordinary Americans Out

The award show was set to face a massive boycott due to the event’s unwanted liberal politicking that was sure to come spewing forth from the mouth of Hollywood’s elitists.  Worse yet, these vehement anti-Trump leftists erected their own wall around the event to keep the general population from impeding their party.

“That’s correct, a labyrinth of concrete walls and fences were erected to keep people out, and even to keep them from looking at the VIPs attending the ceremony.

“And rightly so, Hollywood elites do not want to mix with the riff raff outside, as tensions flared with anti-Trump agitators attacking conservative protesters, including Latinos for Trump supporters.

“Meanwhile, inside, the celebrities engaged in more mass virtue signaling, with host Jimmy Kimmel slamming Trump all evening, literally calling the President a racist.

“When the 40-minute film The White Helmets, which tracks the activity of aid workers in Syria (ignoring possible…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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