Liberal Kingmaker Soros Gambled Big and Lost Big on Trump


George Soros, the left-wing globalist responsible for a myriad of liberal empowerments over the course of the last few decades, is hurting right now.

George Soros bet against Donald Trump on the stock market and lost big.

The multi-billionaire had not only poured his bleeding heart and soul into the idea that Hillary Clinton would be elected as the 45th President of the United States, he also made some extremely risky bets on the subject.  Believing that the stock market would thin out after Trump’s victory, Soros gambled.  And when the Trump effect smashed stock market records, the hidden king of the left had bamboozled himself to the tune of around $1 billion.

“Billionaire hedge-fund manager George Soros lost nearly $1 billion as a result of the stock-market rally spurred by Donald Trump’s surprise presidential election.

“But Stanley Druckenmiller, Mr. Soros’s former deputy who helped Mr. Soros score $1 billion of profits betting against…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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