Liberal Journalist States: White American Men More Dangerous Islamic Terrorists

That didn’t take long. The cry to ban guns started while the bodies in Las Vegas were still warm.

The attack began on silencers, pistols, and virtually all types of weapons legal and otherwise. Truth of our current laws and even what this shooter really used doesn’t matter.

The vitriol was led by a tweet from Hillary Clinton blaming the NRA.

Today the vapid left has stepped it up a notch to literally blame all “White Men” for the atrocities of the world.

In a piece by Jennifer Williams for Vox titled, White American men are a bigger domestic terrorist threat than Muslim foreigners, a case is made against white men as a class.

Cries of racism are nowhere to be seen. It’s socially acceptable to classify people by their gender and race if it happens to be White and Male.

Ms Williams states:

But in the eight months since



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