LIBERAL HEADS EXPLODE: Oops…Antarctica Grows Larger According To NASA

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For years we’ve been forced to listen to the sky is falling and Antarctica is shrinking into the sea crap from environmentalist whackos.

They love to bash those of us who dissent as if we are anti-science  and call us climate change deniers.

Well…here is science saying that Antarctica is growing.

Enjoy an excerpt from The NASA Report via  The Patriot Update:

For the last decade or so, liberals have been whining about climate change, and citing the “destruction” of Antarctica as their evidence. New reports, however, have completely destroyed this argument…

Antarctica is growing not shrinking, according to the latest study from NASA. Furthermore, instead of contributing to rising sea levels, the still-very-much-frozen southern continent is actually reducing them by 0.23 mm per year.

The study – by an organization not hitherto noted for playing down environmental scares – will come as a major…



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