Let’s Be Clear: Hillary Wants Your Guns

Hillary has long been a proponent of controlling your guns. She has been adamantly against the second amendment for many years.

As POTUS she would move along the same lines as President Obama, flailing towards incremental bans and ultimately confiscation.

Outright legislative attempts to accomplish the gun free utopia that leftists dream of have failed.

American’s actually love their guns and the Second Amendment.

Charlton Heston coined the statement:

You can have my gun when you take it from my cold dead hand.

Many American’s still feel that way. Proof can be seen in the rise of the Gadsden Flag as a symbol and the motto, Molon Lave.

Molon Lave is from the Greek Battle of Thermopylae. When King Leonidas was severely outnumbered and facing annihilation, his Persian opposition asked him to surrender his weapons and give up.

His answer has echoed through history. Molon Lave…Come and take…



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